Smiley Tiggers

Smiley Tiggers

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two Months

It has been two months since I last updated this site. Much has changed. P.E.N.N.river Program is no longer merging with Texas Parent to Parent. The first part of our program, which involves an on-call volunteer OB patient advocate (right now it is me) is ready to go. I have compiled a 24 page research paper on the nation's top hospitals, as well as a composite of regional hospitals in the state of Texas for parents who are facing a medical diagnosis at birth. Also, I have a brochure that has been sent to the publisher for parents to be given when hospital staff find a medical diagnosis at birth.

I am now 32 weeks pregnant and one day. I have 6-8 weeks left, and have gotten a second three-d ultrasound of Triston which showed him smiling, and grimacing, and opening and closing his eyes and his mouth.

We have gotten two kittens to add to our Zoologically established household which already had three dogs!! What a handful! Their names are Benny and Juniper (Joon).

My husband and I recently went to Houston for the weekend after Easter to greet our newest nephew who was born over Easter weekend.

I am still going to Austin and Marble Falls for my bimonthly appointments.

It's spring and beautiful! Reminiscient of last year at this time, when I was having my baby shower for Penners...I have decided not to have a shower this time. We have everything we really need minus a monitor and moses basket.

I have almost completely decided to use cloth diapers but want to wait for our gorgeous addition to arrive to test out several brands with him before committing to one particular brand.

The next several weeks will be difficult as I am beginning to grow anxious with anticipation!!

Not much else is going on at this point. Hope all is well with others!